Union Tray® High-precision trays to improve efficiency of electronic component manufacturing process.

Union Tray® High-precision metal products made by "etching + diffusion bonding"

The role of electronic components has become more important with the 5G.
Electronic component manufacturers are facing a variety of challenges such as increasing production volume due to increasing demand for products that incorporate electronic components as well as miniaturization and higher precision. We propose the "Union Tray®", a metal tray manufactured using precision metal processing technology, "etching + diffusion bonding".

Our Union Tray® is made of multiple layers of metal sheets they are bonded together at the atomic level by diffusion bonding. This enables the formation of an ideal cavity, which not only stably holds tiny electronic components in the correct position, but also dramatically increases the production efficiency of shaking in and out components. Since it is made of metal and has magnetic properties, it can be easily fixed to metal enclosures and has high durability, which is beneficial for long-term use. It can also be used as a transport tray for moving between processes, such as cleaning and sputtering processes after fixing. Cleaning and maintenance can also be performed, making it a solution suitable for SDG's that can be used for a long time.

Issues with machined products

Union Tray® Values

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