Union Contact (TM) (One-piece vertical contact probe)

Union contact is made from a copper-silver alloy, a one-piece style of vertical probes and offers high conductivity and excellent contact force compared to existing spring probes.

Union Socket(TM) for Semiconductor

Union socket(TM) for the MPU, equipped with 1000 or more copper-silver alloy union contact(TM) pins which demonstrate high strength and high conductivity will be exhibited. This socket uses a guide plate made from photo etching with a union coating(TM) finish. In addition, heat sinks made from etching and diffusion bonding can be mounted for heat dissipation.

Union Tray(TM) for IC package

We created transport carriers and alignment trays that facilitate the handling of fine products such as semiconductors and electronic parts by combining photo etching and diffusion bonding technology. The Union Tray offers user-friendly cleaning, improved flexibility for a variety of parts and our own work fixing mechanism.

Union Filter(TM)

We will showcase a union filter(TM) with high aspect ratio (hole depth 40 mm) made from burr-free photo etching and diffusion bonding 800 individual mesh filters (mesh thickness 50 um, hole diameter 100 um, 5000 holes). We will also introduce a high precision electroformed mesh filter with a hole diameter of 5um.

Union cooling Tech(TM)

A heat sink with good thermal characteristics that can handle both water cooling and air cooling. Using photo etching and diffusion bonding allows us to create small heat sinks for semiconductor to large heat exchangers used in hydrogen stations. Our diffusion bonding technique allows for us to bond different metals, creating unique products.

Union Tube(TM)

Three-dimensional material such as wires, pipes, etc. can be 3D photo etched creating spirals, holes, slits, steps and more. We realized parts processing such as catheter and stent and showcase long SUS spiral tube which length is 1.5m with 3 mm outer diameter for catheter use. We will also showcase nickel titanium, magnesium stents for reference and thin electroformed pipes.