Micro Metal Socket®

Enhancement of the Semiconductor Test Process

High frequency/speed test is required for semiconductors due to rapid spread of various huge information in our living field.
In addition, semiconductors are also required fine pin-pitch and multiple-pins due to smaller semiconductor package.
Now semiconductor tester is required to test more than 10,000 pins with high frequency range and speeds at once and it makes >10,000 Kg force to contact pins. This is impacted to the lifecycle to the tester and tester components such as sockets.

UPT offers the U-Rubber solution for semiconductor tester which are less low force, small footprint, long lifetime/lifecycle, and support high current and high frequency range test.
The U-Rubber is designed and used by UPT original material “Union-Alloy” which is high conductivity and used UPT original silicon rubber, and the force at 1-contact pin is around 0.098N – 0.240N.

The U-Rubber is best solution for Semiconductor tester.


  • Contact Height: 0.45mm~
  • Pitch:0.15mm~
  • High speed : 60GHz@-1dB
  • Low Force : 0.1N/Pin


  • Support 60GHz@-1dB
  • Current :1A/Contact (with 0.45mm contact length)

We offer the customize solution (Sheet-size/Contact stroke length/and more)

Flexible arrangement/ allocation of  the contact pins, and alignment is ±2.5μm.

Flexible Design

Assemble the 0.45mm~ contact height on the silicon rubber sheet which existing technology could not be supported.
We also offer the customize sheet size and pin pitch width.

Feature 2
Small Footprint

Pin pitch is 0.15mm for high speeds signal, which allow customers to use their space effectively.

Feature 3
Long Lifetime

Support the Lifetime/Lifecycle/Repeatability 50,000 times.
*Depend on  the contact pin size/design/material.

Feature 4
High Frequency/Current

Support high frequency range for 5G world. Support up to 1A current to use original low resistance material with 0.45mm contact pin height

Feature 5
Low Force

Support ~0.1N/Pin force and allow customers to implements thousands contact pins.

Feature 6
Fine Pitch

Pin pitch is 0.15mm, this allow to implement >10,000 contact pins in quoter-coin.

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