To realize full advancements in AI, self-driving technology, electric vehicles (EVs), and advanced healthcare services, one of the key factors lies in global manufacturing, often referred to as 'monozukuri.' The concept relies on the creation and dependable supply of high-performance, very small electronic components.

United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. (UPT) is a company that excels in producing precision metal parts, which are essential for crafting these small electronic components. We are renowned for holding the largest share of the global market in manufacturing springs used in premium segment smartphone cameras to ensure image stability. In acknowledgment of our excellence, we were honored as one of the Global Niche Top Companies in 2020, a prestigious award sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry."

United precision technologies Co., Ltd.


Company nameUnited precision technologies Co., Ltd.
Office Location3F Bungeishunju-Shinkan Bldg. 3-23 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094 Japan
Date foundedSeptember 7th, 2015
CapitalJPY 82.75 million
PresidentHidetsune Goto
Employees Domestic:248/Overseas:1,135 1 *1 Including employees in group companies Included temporary staff.

United Precision Technologies USA,Inc.


Company nameUnited Precision Technologies USA,Inc.
Office Location25 Mauchly, Suite 325, Irvine, CA 92618



If you come by train

4–5 minutes on foot from subway Kojimachi Station.
7–8 minutes on foot from subway Hanzomon Station.

United Precision Technologies USA,Inc.

Corporate Philosophy


To contribute to the well-being and prosperity of people worldwide through high-value-added technology

Think ahead, Make differently

Core Values (Principles that guide our choices and behavior)

Team Work

Business Overview


Main productsApplications
VCM springsOptical image stabilization springs for smartphone cameras
Semiconductor testingContact pins and components for semiconductor electrical testing
Industrial solutionsProcessing trays and jigs
Components for automobiles
Components for optical devices
Components for healthcare
Components for other industries
UPT group provides high precision solutions. UPT, as a holding company of the group, manages group's strategy, marketing and technical development.

Management Policies

Medium-Term Management Plan

The UPT Group leverages the world's foremost fine precision technologies as its core foundation. We deliver distinctive products and solutions to the global public through leading companies, offering a unique value proposition that sets us apart.

To guide our vision and strategy, we have crafted a three-year medium-term management plan spanning from January 2022 to December 2024. In this context, we present our management policies below.

In tandem with our management plan, we've established Core Values, which serve as definitive decision-making and action standards for our dedicated and proactive employees. We are committed to ensuring that these values become deeply ingrained throughout the entire organization.

Generating innovation alongside customers

・Through our fine precision technologies, we aim to foster innovation in collaboration with our customers, enhancing the lives of people worldwide.
・We are committed to providing technologies that meet our customers' needs and continually striving to elevate our quality standards, thereby gaining the trust of society as an indispensable company group.

Growing with employees

・We firmly believe that our employees are UPT's most valuable assets.
・We are dedicated to ensuring that UPT is a place for personal and professional growth, where employees find pleasure and satisfaction in their work..
・We will foster connections among our team members and create value through collaborative efforts.

Engaging in business as a cohesive group

・We will work collectively to enhance the overall corporate value of the UPT Group.
・As a technology company, we embrace future challenges with determination.
・We will pursue sustainable growth through sound business practices and systems..

Group Network




UPT, originally established as 'AP48' in September 2015 in Minato-ku, Tokyo, started as a pure holding company to carry on the legacy of Kyosei Co., Ltd. This predecessor company held expertise in photo-etching technology, particularly suited for crafting intricate and precise shapes. Subsequently, in April 2017, we underwent a name change to become United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd."

1951 Established
1963 Started manufacturing of precision metal parts through photo-etching
1972 Constructed Kawagoe Factory. Commenced the manufacturing of laminated magnetic head cores, mainly for industrial use, as secondary processing
1973 Established
1975 Started fabrication of precision metal parts and metal masks through photo-etching
1976 Started preproduction of precision metal parts through photo-etching
1984 Added a new factory building to Kawagoe Factory and introduced a fully-automated photo-etching line Constructed Head Office Factory (formerly, Yokohama Factory)
1985 Started volume production of precision metal parts through Photo-etching
1988 Established K.R. Precision Co., Ltd. in Thailand as a joint venture for production of suspensions for HDD magnetic mounts
1998 Sold all shares of K.R. Precision Co., Ltd.(currently, Magnecomp Precision Technology Public Company Limited) at the time of its listing on Thai stock exchange. Withdrew from the management of K.R. Precision Opened Head Office Factory (Currently, Yokohama Factory) as the business expanded.
2000 Started in-house plating facilities to shorten delivery time and manufacture trial products
2002 Established Kyosei Factory (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary, in Thailand
2015 Became a member of UPT Group Established AP48 Co., Ltd.
Kyosei Co., Ltd. became a consolidated subsidiary
2016 Opened a branch in South Korea to expand businesses in the country Installed automatic exposure machines
2017 Established Kyosei USA, Inc. for marketing and sales in North America.Provide research grants to University of California, Irvine. Became a member of UPT Group Started new photo-etching production lines Changed corporate name to United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd.Launched "ETCHING + ONE" solutions
Koken Chemical Co., Ltd. became consolidated subsidiary
2018 Acquired International Trading Centers certification to strengthen sales capabilities in Asia Opened Kansai Sales Office
2020 Established KYOSEI KOREA CO., LTD. For the purpose of production and sales in Korea.
Kyosei Korea branch is closed.
Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) as one of the companies in the 2020 Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.
2021 Announcement of micro metal socket products for semiconductor testing
2022 Transfer the sales counters of each company to UPT and integrate the sales counters.



The basic concept of the internal control system and its maintenance status, the system for ensuring the appropriateness of the operations of United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd., and the operational status of the system are as follows.