Diffusion bonding is a technology to bond metals together by applying heat and force to the materials at atomic level. Therefore diffusion bonding does not have any issue, such as peels off at high temperature, difficult to clean and gapbetween materials which other bonding technologies have. And diffusion bonding has high reliability and durability.

Advantae of diffusion bonding

  • High quality joits
  • Good dimension tolerance
  • Bonging Strength without interface boundary
  • Clean joint and finish
  • Bonding of high precision components with complex shapes
  • High reliability and durability

Materials (Basically bond the same materials)

  • Stainless Steel + Stainless Steel
  • 42 Alloy + 42 Alloy
  • Invar + Invar
  • Titanium + Titanium
  • Copper + Copper
  • Copper + Stainless Steel

Material thickness and number of materials

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Manufacturing process image

Principle of diffusion bonding

A metal bond is formed when two metal surfaces are brought close to each other at an atomic level. Therefore, joining is theoretically possible by bringing two metals close together.
Diffusion bonding is a process based on this principle. In it two metal surfaces are metallurgically bound in a solid state using heat and pressure.


  • Heatsink
  • Cooling Plate
  • Vapor Chamber
  • Heat Exchanger parts
  • Tray/Transport Carrier
  • Jigs
  • Inkjet
  • Filter and Mask
  • Fuel Cell Separators
  • Encoder Slit
  • Semiconductor manufacturing jigs
High Aspect Filter
After photo-etching process, 1000+ sheets were laminated for diffusion bonding.
Jig tray or shipping tray supports to improve your manufacturing process more efficient.

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