United Precision Technologies Co. LTD., (“UPT”) recognizing that personal data is an important asset, respects each customer’s privacy and ensure its protection.
Followings are UPT’s Basic Policy to handle customer’s personal data obtained through this website.

UPT obtained personal data minimum enough to understand customer’s needs and requests to provide better products and support.
UPT utilizes personal data within the scope of the intended use that is clearly communicated to customers.

Purposes of personal data utilization by UPT are to improve products and services, and provide information to customers including necessary in-company procedure.

UPT does not disclose or provide personal data provided by customers to third parties except that the consent of the customer.

UPT consigns the handling of personal data to a third party within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.  When it is deemed that an inquiry from a customer concerning products can be more appropriately dealt with by a UPT affiliate, we may provide the customer’s name and contact information to the affiliate on the basis of consent of the customer.

When important changes and notices on personal data arise, UPT will post it to the website.