Photo Etching Technology

We are committed to providing value added products made with high precision, high density and a variety of processes to ensure our customer is competitive in their respective market.

3D Etching

Based on our excellent core photo etching technology, we created a 3D etching technology that has no burr and dross compared to laser and stamping processing. 3D material such as wires and pipes can be etched to create spirals, holes, slits, steps and more. This technology has allowed us to delve into stent and catheter production. We have seen success in creating long stainless steel spiral tubes with lengths as long as 1.5M and an outer diameter of 3mm.


Half-etching is a form of etching in which character data, designs or cuts are engraved to a depth around half of the material’s thickness. By combining this technique with traditional etching we can create quite complicated designs.

Large format etching

We can apply our etching technology to larger sized sheets, up to 1200mm x 800mm or 500mm x 2000mm. This can be used to produce masks, filters, nameplates and more for different industries such as aerospace, maritime, commercial, interior design and much more.

Diffusion bonding with Photo Etching

We can provide metal filters with high aspect ratios made from burr-free photo etching and diffusion binding multiple individual layers of mesh filters.

High performance filter

High aspect ratio filter with 0.05t of 800 individual filters (0.1mm hole and depth is 40mm)

Tray for semiconductor


Flow Channel

Carrier tray


Supported materials

Stainless steel + Stainless steel ex) SUS304+SUS304 SUS430+SUS430
42Alloy + 42Alloy, Amber + Amber, Titanium + Titanium, Cupper + Cupper i.e..

Photo etching for cutting resistant material

Using etching allows for us to work with a variety of materials that may be more difficult to process with conventional cutting or machining. Materials such as aluminum, titanium, magnesium, molybdenum, hastelloy and more. Organic materials such as polyimides can also be processed through etching. We are currently tackling the challenges of carbon fiber etching.

Mg Tube

NiTi Tube

Polyimide Etching

Supported Material

Gold, Silver, Palladium, Pure copper, Brass, Phosphor bronze, BeCu, Nickel silver, Copper-titanium alloys, SUS, Hastelloy, Inconel, Permalloy, Kovar, Tungsten, Molybdenum, Amorphous metals, Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Alloy 42, Iron, Nickel, and more.


With electroforming technology, it is possible for us to create tiny contact probes, springs, encoders, fine meshes and more with high precision.

Ni φ5um Front SEM

Ni φ5um Rear SEM


Ni 10um Front SEM

Ni 10um Rear SEM


Etching + mechanical assembly

Our own assembly line is organized at our Kawagoe factory to support all “one stop shop” for customers to support fine metal designing all the way to socket assembly.

Surface treatment technology

Various types of plating

We can support composite plating, multi-layer plating, partial plating, and spot plating of nickel, gold, silver, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, etc.


Black surfacing & black chrome treatment

Using an oxide coating, we can apply a uniform black surface coating on a variety of metals. We also offer thin film processing at thicknesses under 1um.

Various types of coatings

GD coating offers better release properties and abrasion resistance than Teflon, with superior water repellency and corrosion resistance to silicon. DLC coating is also available.

Stainless steel tray

Gold plating

GD coating (Surface protection)

Oxidized coating


Mirror surfacing & paint coating processing

We can apply mirror finishes and paint coating processing.



Electro polishing, blasting treatment

We can carry out electrolytic polishing or blasting treatment after etching.