Thermal management solutions with microfluidic structures

Driven by the miniaturization of electronic devices, increased power density, high-performance computing demands, and higher data transfer rates, the quest for efficient thermal management solutions in next-generation electronic components and devices has intensified.
At UPT, we offer advanced thermal management solutions featuring microfluidic structures—a feat not easily achievable through conventional processes. Utilizing the precision of photo etching and the strength of diffusion bonding, our solutions, Union Cooling Tech®, deliver exceptional durability and versatility, from prototyping to mass production.
One of the key advantages of Union Cooling Tech® is its time-effectiveness. Unlike conventional methods that require specialized and costly molds, our approach accelerates your prototyping phase, allowing for faster progress.

Advantages of Union Cooling Tech® by Photo Etching + Diffusion Bonding

Features of Cold Plate with Microchannel

  • Enhanced Heat Dissipation: Microfluidic channels and structures enhance heat dissipation by efficiently circulating coolant or liquid through the channels. This results in improved temperature regulation, preventing overheating and ensuring optimal electronic performance.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Microfluidic systems offer precise temperature control within electronic components. This level of precision is crucial for maintaining the stability and reliability of sensitive electronic devices.
  • Uniform Cooling: Microfluidic structures provide consistent, uniform cooling across the entire surface of electronic components. This eliminates hotspots and ensures consistent thermal management, even in complex and densely packed electronic assemblies.
  • Compact Form Factor: Microfluidic systems are inherently compact and can be seamlessly integrated directly into electronic components or assemblies. This saves space and minimizes the overall footprint of the device, optimizing its design.

Features of Cold Plate with Microchannel by Photo Etching and Diffusion bonding Process

  • Time Efficiency
    The design and production process involving photo etching and diffusion bonding is notably time-effective. It eliminates the need for specialized and costly molds or tooling, allowing for rapid prototyping and accelerated your production timelines.
  • Cost Savings
    As mentioned, the absence of specialized molds or tooling significantly reduces initial investment costs. This cost-saving aspect extends to both prototype development and mass production, making the process highly economical.
  • High Precision
    Photo etching enables the creation of intricate and highly precise designs, ensuring that the final components meet tight tolerances and quality standards. This precision is maintained consistently throughout the production process.
  • Durability
    Components produced through diffusion bonding are known for their exceptional strength and durability. They can withstand demanding operational conditions, making them suitable for applications where reliability is paramount.
  • Customization
    The photo etching process allows for the customization of designs to meet specific requirements. This versatility ensures that the components are tailored precisely to the needs of the application.
  • Hermetic Sealing: The process can create hermetic seals, ensuring airtight and watertight enclosures when needed. This is particularly advantageous in applications where environmental protection is essential.
  • High-Volume Production: While well-suited for prototyping, the process is also scalable to high-volume production, making it suitable for a wide range of production quantities.

UPT Advantages

  • Precision Tolerance Control through Photo Etching Expertise
    With our specialization in photo etching, we excel in achieving and maintaining tight tolerance control. Our expertise ensures that your components meet the most stringent precision requirements, even in high-precision applications.
  • Production Flexibility with Stringent Quality Control
    Serving a global smartphone manufacturer as our end user, we understand the importance of flexibility of production. Our capabilities allow us to seamlessly scale up production while maintaining stringent quality standards. This ensures that your components meet the rigorous demands of global supply chains without compromising on quality.
  • Comprehensive One-Stop Solution
    Beyond our core competencies in photo etching and diffusion bonding, we offer a complete one-stop solution for your production needs. Whether you require additional processes such as plating or machining, we take care of the coordination and management of all necessary technical suppliers. This simplifies your production workflow, streamlining the process and ensuring that your ideal production is achieved efficiently.

Talk to Us about your Project

Since our cooling solutions by diffusion bonding and photo etching products are fully customizable to fit your equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas.