The demand for smaller pin-pitches and increased pin counts in semiconductor testing and device packaging is driven by several factors, including the miniaturization of semiconductor devices, the need for higher pin counts, and the growing demand for high-speed data transfer. These developments are critical to meet the diverse requirements of various applications and markets.

In response to these demands, UPT has developed the Micro Metal Socket® (MMS), featuring silicone rubber sockets with specially designed metal pins. Thanks to its original alloy, the MMS offers multiple-pin silicon sockets with exceptionally low force, small pitch, long-term durability, and customizable layouts.

Advantages of MMS


  • Supports High Frequency Range and High Speed Transmission
    Short Height  0.5mm~
  • Small pitch  0.3㎜
  • Low force  

Talk to Us about Your Project

Since our MMS is fully customizable to fit your device/equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your ideas.