SEMICON Japan 2023 Exhibit Information

United Precision Technologies will exhibit at SEMICON Japan 2023, held from December 13th (Wednesday) to 15th (Friday) in Tokyo, Japan.

We offer the solution by using photo-etching and diffusion bonding technologies, such as verification for internal components of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and test-related products. Our products include semiconductor test products, cooling plates, Jigs, chuck heaters, shims, and more.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Main Exhibit Content

Rubber Sheet【Micro Metal Socket®】Silicone sheet contacts featuring extremely low-profile micro-sized one-piece contacts, offering fine pitch, low resistance, low load, and compatibility with high currents. Suitable for pitches as small as 0.15mm, and support high-frequency transmission up to 60GHz.
Ultra Thin Conductive Sheet 【UHSS®】
Achieving improvements in contact durability and high-frequency characteristics during the mass production and shipment testing of electronic components. The stability of connections enhances the yield in the inspection process, and the sheet shape is customizable to fit the equipment and facilities.
Deffusion BondingCold Plate】
Diffusion bonding is bonding technology at the atomic level by apply the heat and pressure without melting them. Complex 3D components can be produced by stacking and bonding the photo etched metal plates, making it a versatile technique. Cooling plates with microchannel structures efficiently dissipate heat, benefiting a range of devices from small precision instruments to electronic components like semiconductors.
Magnesium Photo-etching
Magnesium has safety and processability pose challenges, and it is known as a difficult-to-process material. With UPT's photoetching technology, it is now possible to safely carry out the intricate processing of magnesium, which was previously considered difficult. UPT ensures a seamless process from material sourcing to post-processing, addressing concerns related to safety and processing in the utilization of magnesium across different applications and industries.

Event Overview

  • Date:December 13th (Wednesday) to 15th (Friday) 10:00~5:00 PM
  • Venue:Tokyo Big Sight(East)3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
  • Our Booth:East1 Hall #2008
  • Fee:Free(Registration required)
  • Organizer:SEMI Japan


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