Half-Etching Technology

Improved production process with Half-Etching Technology

The Etching technology is the technology to cut/process the metals by utilizing the chemical reaction precisely.

The Half-Etching technology is the technology to melts half the thickness of the plate. The Laser/Cutting technologies are required multiple processes, but the Half-Etching technology is only required a single process.

UPT’s Half-Etching process is capable of up to 80% melt of the plate thickness.

Examples of use case are the decorative items that bring shading to metal and stepped flow products.

Alternative Solution of Laser Marking Technology

Challenges Of Laser Marking

The multiple process controls are required.

The marking quality is not good, because this technology is used by heat, ​so thermal stress is occurred at cutting edge.

Challenges Of Laser Marking

The entire process of Laser Making takes longer.

And the final products has burrs. The running costs are also expensive.



Challenges Of The Stamping Technology

This stamping Technology is not is not suitable for high volume mass production, and the lead time is loger.


UPT offers the Half-Etching Technology for processing.​


  • Only one process is required, short lead time.​

  • The high quality because the Half-Etching process is single process.​

  • Low cost.

  • We also have the diffusion bonding technology and can produce cavity flows such as channels by overlapping half-etched metal plates using diffusion bonding technology.

Half-Etching Specifications

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