Metal Foil Heaters For Electrostatic Chucks

Accuracy of thermal control supports semiconductor production efficiency.

As semiconductor designs continue to miniaturize, thermal control is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing process. Especially in the front-end process, heat control is an important factor that affects throughput. The current mainstream wafer size is 300 mm, and ideally, all semiconductor chips mounted on the wafer should be heated uniformly and met the required temperature conditions. If there is a temperature difference on the same wafer, it would be impacted to the yield. In general, the semiconductor manufacturing process is a series of multiple manufacturing equipment, and wafers are moved by the electrostatic chuck. The electrostatic chuck hold the wafer by using the static electricity without any damage, and the latest products have a heater function to heat the electrostatic chuck. This allows for the control and uniformity of temperature irregularities caused by differences in plasma density and cooling gas flow distribution within the wafer surface.

Electrostatic Chuck with Built-in Heater


Specification List

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