Metal LID sealing for electronic components and semiconductor packages.

Metal LID

Semiconductor packages is very important to secure the quality, and semiconductor package technology is getting important. The main roles for package are the heat dissipation and protection against external shocks. After the chip is mounted, it is sealed to protect the die inside the chip, and one method is to use a metal LID.

Use-Case of Metal LID

The quartz crystals, oscillators and SAWs are often used in smartphones and other devices, which is required durability against shocks. For this reason, some packages are made with ceramic and sealed with a metal lid.

Challenges of Metal LID

Bonding of metal LIDs to different materials such as ceramics is usually done with gold-tin solder or silver brazing. The challenge of sealing is to maintain bonding strength while inhibiting the flow the small particle into the package. There are many techniques to have better quality, however the cost may be higher due to the special process is required to meet the quality/reliability.


Metal LID Specifications

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