UPT Develops the World's Thinnest Contacts for Semiconductors Testing

Supports 5G High Frequency and High Speed Transmission

~The Next Generations Semiconductors Fine Pitch and Miniaturization~

Advancements in compact electronic devices, such as smartphones, has led to having integrally higher densities in semiconductors. To achieve this, semiconductors have more layers, finer pitches and are further miniaturized. Furthermore, there is a high demand for the development of technologies that support high frequencies and high-speed transmission that contributes to the usage of 5G services. Contact technologies are essential for testing during each phase, between development to mass production phase, in order to produce these technologies in vast amounts.

There are various types of semiconductor test contacts, such as probe pins, press pins, and elastomers. They are embedded in jigs (Semiconductors sockets, etc.) and mounted on the printed-circuit boards (PCBs) of semiconductor inspection equipment. Test contacts contribute in creating electrical transmission paths that connect the electrodes on the semiconductors and electronic components that are being inspected to PCBs.

United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. has developed “Union High Speed Sheets (UHSS)”, which is the world’s thinnest and robust contacts that enables a high-speed of 200 Gbps transmission for the high-speed 5G generation.

The robustness and electrical properties such as, current tolerances and frequency bands, have presented challenges in past contacts. Though,  UHSS excel in these areas, so they are suited for the usage in all types of applications, wafer, package, or system levels for both prototyping and mass production.

* High Current

Supports the current up to 3A per dot, which is unachievable with conventional sheet-type contacts * Measured by UPT

High Frequency and High Speed Transmission

Supports High Frequency (RF) and High Speeds (200Gbps) through ultra-short transmission paths with 0.05mm thicknesses sheet   * Measured by UPT

* Long Durability

Over 50,000 uses. Capable of withstanding the usage in mass production processes   * Measured by UPT

* Stability

High contact stability with multipoint contacts, that enables usage for sensitive environments and systems, such as Interposer.

* Contact protection

Protects the PCB pads and semiconductor pins from transcription or physical damage when placing the UHSS sheet. Which is 0.05mm in thickness that is set between the semiconductor and pin contacts or between PCB and pin contacts to leverage existing environmental systems.

* Customization

Customization is available at UPT to fit target semiconductors.

* World's thinnest contact; 0.05 mm

According to UPT research, we have the world’s thinnest contact as of May 2020.


United Precision Technologies Co., Ltd. is a fine precision technology integration company established in 2015. Our core technology is photo etching, and we are a trusted player in the field of optical image stabilization springs used in high-end smartphone cameras, for which we have the no. 1 global market share. Along with that, we are chosen by METI , Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, as one of the "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100" in 2020.

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