For the final tuning/adjustment of tolerances and cumulative errors

Fine tuning of tolerances and accumulated errors

UPT offers new Shim Spacers solution which is the ring shim spacer for the optical instruments.

There are many cases to be required the fine tuning/adjustment in case that the tolerances or cumulative errors are occurred during assembling the products. The shim spacers are able to be solved this errors.

Particularly in micro precision machinery, it is required the micron level adjustment. In general, it is difficult to make the shim spacer for these application because there are many combination of material and thickness, and additionally it would be required the BLACK surface treatment to prevent the suppress/diffuse the right.

UPT offers the Shim spacers to solve these kind of issues by using our own photo-etching and surface treatment technology.

Issues of Non Photo Etching Technology

Key Values of Shim Spacer Production by Photo Etching Technology

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